Proof Reading

Why Us?

  • It’s difficult to proofread a paper that you’ve just finished writing. You are familiar with the content and you tend to skip errors. When you work hard to translate your contents you do not want careless errors distracting your business.

  • We detect and correct your errors.We look into content, Structure, Clarity, Style, alignment and localization part of your translated document.

  • We have a separate typesetter to edit your document to give your document the professional look.

  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction.Our proofreaders are highly qualified native Tamil speakers.

  • We can also work with your printer, publisher, advertising agency to get your document updated.

  • We offer 3 months to support the document we proofread.

  • Your documents are held in absolute confidence and privacy. We never share your information to any third party. On need basis, we also provide file transfer through encryption techniques.